Millmoor Rig Wind Farm – Application
Scottish Borders
A Proposed Development comprising 13 onshore turbines, five at a maximum tip height of 180m, two with a maximum tip height of 200m, four with a maximum tip height of 210m and two with a maximum tip height of 230m, with a total generating capacity of approximately 78 MW and battery energy storage system of 20 MW.
Located at Wauchope Forest, south of Bonchester Bridge
Oliver Forest Wind Farm – Pre Application
Scottish Borders
Up to 10 turbines up to 250 m tip height with associated infrastructure including: crane hardstandings; access tracks; cabling; temporary borrow pit(s); a temporary construction compound; a single substation including control building; a permanent anemometer mast and energy storage systems (if required).
12.5 km south of Broughton and approximately 19 km north of Moffat

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