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Face the real risks of wind farms
AS politicians of all colours herald the massive expansion of offshore and
onshore wind, we have to wonder if their heads are so deeply buried in the
sand that they do not see or hear of the environmental catastrophe being
reported from overseas.
Multiple whales are washing up on the beaches of New Jersey and Nassau
County. Twelve mayors are now calling for a halt to offshore wind
pre-construction activity in order to investigate what is happening. One
was a tracked whale named Luna that had been studied for four decades; it
was halfway through its life when the wind developers started speculating
in the ocean that was its home.
Do those who purport to represent us think that such carnage is not
happening here? Just because we haven’t yet witnessed the multiple bodies
of marine mammals on our beaches, that does not mean they are not lost out
at sea. Out of sight out of mind perhaps?
Wind supporters often retort that cats, windows and cars are the biggest
killers of birds. Whataboutery! If a member of the public killed or injured
an eagle the media would go ballistic and the criminal prosecuted. Why do
wind developers/operators appear to have a Get Out Of Jail Free card? Why
won’t our policy makers look at the experiences of other countries? Why do
they seem hell bent on repeating their mistakes?
Lyndsey Ward, Beauly

SAS Volunteer

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