Fossil fuels plea
The Labour leadership’s anger at the hated Ultra Low Emission Zone factor costing them the Uxbridge seat is understandable. The eyes of the people are opening.
But it does not end there. The total absurdity of the masochistic ‘’net zero’’ target could not be illustrated better than by the revelation that 16 million trees in Scotland have been cut down to accommodate wind turbines. That is more than three for every living Scot.
These horrendously expensive in every sense monstrosities on their very best days supply a miniscule amount of the power required to keep us safe and alive. Why not have a referendum on net zero?
Common sense is required. No oil and gas facilities should be closed until guaranteed and reliable replacements are available. Small nuclear power plants should be utilised as soon as is humanly possible. No more of “the emperor is fully clothed no matter what you can see” nonsense.
Alexander McKay, Edinburgh

SAS Volunteer

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