SAS was delighted to support the official launch of Scientific Alliance Scotland at the Holyrood Hotel in Edinburgh on 27th June.

Scientific Alliance Scotland is a new think-tank, (allied to its parent organization, the Scientific Alliance in Cambridge), which has the aim of bringing scientific, evidence-based thinking into policy-making. Scottish policy on wind energy is an obvious candidate in need of this treatment, and this is indeed Scientific Alliance Scotland’s major focus.

Anti-wind farm campaigners from the Highlands to the Borders heard John Constable, the Director of the Renewable Energy Foundation, give an excellent account of why current wind policy was economically disastrous for the UK generally, and for an independent Scotland in particular. A brief report appeared in the Scottish Daily Mail (scan attached), but a few days later the same theme – that green energy policies were going to place an impossible burden on consumers and the wider economy – made headlines across the UK. You can find this article at the following link:

This same theme has also been picked up by the Taxpayer’s Alliance who have a really handy green tax calculator on their website so that you can work out exactly how much you are paying in green energy taxes. They also have a facility allowing you to contact your local MP to complain, and various research resources, which you may find useful. You can find all of this on their website at the following address:

Scientific Alliance Scotland also distributed a very useful pamphlet, Wind Turbines: The Facts, written for the lay reader, but with references to expert studies backing all of its arguments. It has been sent to every MSP, and we recommend that you pass it on to anyone whose knowledge of turbines is confined to industry propaganda.

In attendance of the event as a key speaker was Dr John Constable, founder of the Renewable Energy Foundation (REF) who gave an important talk highlighting key aspects of the wind energy industry, Government workings, and the failings of the technology to deliver what is promised.

You can access the key points of his speech at:


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