Scotland Against Spin condemned today’s announcement by Ofgem as “grotesque and utterly immoral” and “proof that Ofgem is not fit for purpose and little more than the lackey of the wind industry”.

Spokeswoman Linda Holt said:

“UK wind farms already revel in some of the highest subsidies in the world and now Ofgem has handed them even more money. This is worse than a stealth tax because it comes via your electricty bill and the government can pretend it’s not responsible for rocketing energy bills. Why is Ofgem putting wind industry profits before the needs of energy consumers and the wider economy?

Windfarms which are already operational have just won the lottery – and they didn’t even need to buy a ticket. Rather than retrospective windfalls for greedy energy companies, we need a retrospective tax on the massive profits they have stashed away thanks to huge public subsidies.

Halving the connection charge for wind farms in remote areas is akin to throwing steak to hyenas. There will be a feeding frenzy in the very “wild” areas the Scottish Government says it now wants to protect from industrial wind turbines.

Once again we are being asked to believe this “could” reduce electricity bills between 2020 and 2030, even though adding wind power to the grid (because of its intermittency and transmission costs) costs far more than gas and coal.

There is nothing green about wind power. The more we incorporate it into the grid, the more dependent we in fact become on gas, coal and even diesel generation, and like Germany, our carbon dioxide emissions will go through the roof. Industrialising our countryside and seas does huge environmental damage and spells economic disaster. It makes no environmental or economic sense to encourage electricity generators to locate as far away as possible from centres of demand.”

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