Wind developers plan to erect a 33 metre turbine in Loans, generating fears
the power giants are edging closer and closer to urban areas.

Company Fine Energy has submitted a planning application to erect the
turbine at Collennan Farm in Loans – just 1.25km from the village and
Muirhouse as well as only 0.8km from Barassie.

If the turbine gets approved it is estimated it will generate enough power
for 61 homes annually.

But Communities against Turbines Scotland (CATS) warn that energy companies
will move into more populated areas to erect turbines as available land is
running out in rural Carrick.

Kim Terry, of CATS, said: “I think the Loans application is a worry as once
one turbine gets permission, it opens up the way for others.

“In South Ayrshire there have been 120 applications for turbines on farms
in the last 18 months. It is nothing to do with green energy – it is all
about money.

“Eventually Carrick will be completely saturated and they will move into
other areas of South Ayrshire.”

The turbine would be viewed from Troon’s Ballast Bank and would also be
glimpsed from other areas in the town if it gets the go ahead.”

Loans Independent Councillor Hywel Davies (Independent) said: “I think they
should build a few nuclear power stations, which would make more sense.”

See this week’s Ayr Advertiser, Troon Times and Carrick Herald for more on
this story.

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