Malcolm Kirk from Visit Scotlands Windfarms, has produced a range of 3D Visualisations for the proposed Glen Moriston wind farm (30 x 126.5m) on behalf of the No Mosiston Wind Farm campaign group.

The visualisations show the extent of the visual blight the proposed wind farm will have on the iconic landscape.

Glenmoriston is one of two iconic “Roads to the Isles” of north western Scotland, from Loch Ness to the Isle of Skye and beyond. This Highland glen is famous not only for its scenery but also for its exceptional range of plant and animal life which includes golden eagles, ospreys, otters and pine martens. Recent surveys by an environmental charity located here have revealed ‘a lost world of biodiversity’ on the wild hills beside the glen.

To help support the camapign against the Glen Moriston Wind Farm, please visit:

To view more work by Malcom Kirk, please visit: or visit his YouTube channel at:

Featured image by Unruly Chaffinch


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