EDF Renewables wants to create a 100MV wind farm called Dunside on moorland in the Lammermuir Hills, on land owned by Roxburghe Estates.
Up to 20 turbines, each with a tip height of up to 260 metres, are proposed.
A scoping application as part of an assessment of the potential environmental impact of the scheme ahead of any future planning application was submitted to Scottish Borders Council in March.
Council officers have now given a response to the bid as part of the ongoing planning process.
The report says the height of the turbines proposed are “significantly larger than any turbines in consented wind farms in the Scottish Borders to date”.
It adds: “The relationship between the size of the turbines and the scale of the receiving landscape will be a primary consideration.
“The Dunside wind farm proposal is positioned immediately adjacent to and in the foreground of Fallago Rig wind farm when seen from the south.
“The cumulative effects of the proposed development alongside existing and consented wind farms, within the agreed study area, will need to be assessed.
“The disparity of the height of the proposed turbines of 260m in relation to existing and consented wind farms, particularly Fallago Rig where turbines are less than half the size (up to 150m in height) of those proposed will be a key consideration.”
The proposed site of Dunside is approximately 1km east of the existing Fallago Rig windfarm, enabling use of existing infrastructure and grid connection. https://www.northumberlandgazette.co.uk/…/proposed…

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