Rishi Sunak pledges not to build more onshore wind farms
“Wind energy will be an important part of our strategy, but I want to reassure communities that as prime minister I would scrap plans to relax the ban on onshore wind in England, instead focusing on building more turbines offshore,” he told The Telegraph.
There is hostility towards wind farms in many rural areas because of the noise they generate and the fact some people consider them to be a blight on the landscape.
Turbines placed out at sea are more efficient and reliable than those on land, but they cost significantly more to build and maintain.
Last month, the price of electricity from offshore wind fell to its lowest ever point and it is now four times cheaper than that from gas power plants.

Making the UK ‘energy independent’

Mr Sunak also pledged to re-establish the separate Department of Energy, which was subsumed into the Department of Business in 2016.
He would also create a new Energy Security Committee ahead of the winter tasked with keeping the lights on and reforming the market to cut future bills.
“As energy bills skyrocket in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, it has never been more important that our country achieves energy sovereignty, so that we’re no longer reliant on the volatility of the global energy supply,” he said.
“That’s why as prime minister I would introduce an ambitious new plan to make the UK energy independent, investing in vital new technologies.
“I am committed to Net Zero by 2050, but that can’t mean neglecting our energy security. So although the legal target for energy sovereignty will be 2045 and I will work night and day to ensure we beat that target, securing a safer future for the next generation.” https://winnquick.com/…/rishi-sunak-pledges-not-to…/

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