New Clearances
Alison Campsie’s illuminating article about Danish Billionaire “Anders Povlsen and the changing the face of a Highland village” (Scotsman, 21 December) prompts a number of personal observations.
Knowing Tongue and the surrounding area well, I can’t help thinking that his quiet, sensitive stewardship and care for the natural world has been a great deal better than that of the Scottish Government.
Anders Povslen has done much more to defend our rapidly-diminishing, wild and precious places than the Scottish Government has ever done. These hauntingly beautiful landscapes are our greatest asset, and the very soul of our wellbeing.
The Scottish Government has handed over our incomparably beautiful scenery to be systematically trashed by foreign-owned wind industry multinationals. Hundreds of towering turbines and pylons piercing Highland communities. What a disastrous legacy that has turned out to be, the new Highland Clearances.
Returning from a summer cycle up glorious Glen Feshie, shortly after the Povslen family tragedy, we met Anders Povslen driving to the Lodge and were greeted with courtesy, a welcoming wave and a cheery smile. Contrast that with the contempt for the Highlands by our SNP government in the pockets of the ruthless wind industry!
It’s not who owns the land but how they look after it that is crucial. Our magnificent, unspoilt Highlands should be treasured and valued.
George Herraghty, Lhanbryde, Moray

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